22-year old Jordan Graham, the newlywed woman from Kalispell accused of pushing her husband, Cody Johnson, to his death in Glacier National Park, took the stand today, November 15.

In court, Graham briefly mentioned the moment when Cody Johnson fell, saying her response to push back against Johnson was "instinct," as opposed to premeditated murder.

The center of the testimony, though, was what happened during an interview with authorities nearly a week after Johnson's body was recovered from the park by helicopter. Graham give her side of the story as to what happened during an FBI interview that occurred on July 18, more than two months before official murder charges on October 3.

According to Graham, the FBI interview was, at times, "uncomfortable" because the agent doing the interview touched her knees.The interview in question is a centerpiece of the prosecution's case because it was during this interview that Graham allegedly admitted to pushing Johnson off of a cliff in Glacier National Park.

The defense looks likely to make the interview a major point of contention during the trial. During pretrial hearings, FBI personnel were challenged on why the full interview was not recorded and whether or not the alleged admission was recorded at all.