In celebration of the 32nd Annual Testicle Festival, we've been giving away passes a couple of different ways. First, you can vote for hottest bartender to be entered to win a pair of passes. And we are holding the first ever Granny Panty 500, which is a take on the Undie 500 that goes down each year at Testy Fest.This year's Fest will include Stunt Motocross, Montana Championship of Giant Beer Pong, 4 wet t-shirt contests and live music. Shuttles will be running to and from Rock Creek from Hooters, Paradise Falls, Stockman's and East Side Ole's. Hash tag your photos with #TestyFesty14

Wristbands to get in and out for the entire weekend are $17. One of our Granny Panty 500 entrants will be getting in for free, which one is up to you.

"Panty Snatcher" by Joseph G.


"3-Way" by Elizabeth S.

"Granny Bow" by John Ross


"Granny Panties" by Randiea M.