Satan forbid Dave Grohl actually take a BREAK...Foo Fighters are supposed to be taking some well deserved time off before the next leg of their tour which begins in Tokyo in March.  But rest isn't Dave's style, his next project involves Ratt.

Dave's working with Ratt's Stephen Pearcy and guitarist Warren De Martini on a new project. “Warren and I are recording an original song (Grohl song idea open to Ratt madness),” tweeted Pearcy. “Not for a Ratt record. We’ll let [Dave] tell you about it when he’s ready.” Stephen also tweeted my favorite picture of the new year, of him and Warren with Dave, all 3 looking psyched.

Ratt's latest release was "Infestation" in 2010, Stephen and Warren are working on material for their new album which is supposed to be out later this year.

I don't know what this new project involving Ratt will be, new Probot perhaps?  That would be so over the top RAD!  I do know that the boys are already compiling ideas for the new Foo album which they're hoping to release this year.

Dave's also working on some other secret project that has to do with the studio where Nirvana recorded 'Nevermind'.  In September, Kevin Cronin from REO Speedwagon let it slip that he was collaborating with him on the project, here's what he said:

Nirvana recorded Nevermind at Sound City Studio in Van Nuys, California, where REO Speedwagon recorded their 1978 album You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Fish. Other albums recorded there include Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers‘ Damn the Torpedoes and Weezer‘s Pinkerton.

As a Dave fanatic, I am confident in saying twenty twelve is gonna’ ROCK!