One of the last videos I remember seeing on MTV, before it turned into the "Knocked Up Teens" channel, was today's pick. It seemed to play every hour around the same time the movie Terminator 2 reached its popularity. "T2" was one of the first badass movies to be released in the 90's. A lot of that must have had to be the fact that Arnold "GET TOO THE CHOPPA" Schwarzenegger. I watched it 5-6 times in theaters. Just because the special effects 20 years ago blew my mind.According to : Schwarzenegger appears in the music-video as the T-800 Terminator from the film who arrives at a Guns N' Roses concert, having mission orders to assassinate the band members. When the song is finished, the Terminator confronts the band and individually assesses each member except for Izzy Stradlin, as he was conspicuously absent in this section of the video. He gets to Axl and assesses that killing him would be "a waste of ammo." He then stares at Axl Rose for a while and walks off. Edited by Jeffrey Abelson, it was one of the most requested music videos during that period, and contributed to the hype surrounding Terminator 2. At the end of 1991, MTV placed it at #1 on their top 100 videos for that year.