This is gonna' be a full on Orange County punk rock throw down, prepare to get shoved... a lot.



Guttermouth, Agent Orange and  Piñata Protest bring their raunchy punk awesomeness to the Top Hat Lounge on Thursday, October 3. Tickets are $16 in advance at the Top Hat and Ear Candy, or $18 at the door. 96.3 The Blaze is proud to present this beer spillin', face shovin', pure punk event!

Twenty-one plus, doors at 9, music at 10, sleeveless shirts/vests preferred.

Guttermouth are appropriately named as most of their lyrics consist of words you shouldn't say in front of your grandmother. Agent Orange are the original OC punk/surf power trio, and Piñata Protest describe their music as "punk like Abuela used to make." (That makes two references to grandmas in one paragraph that is supposed to be about a punk show, so you know this is gonna' be a thrasher.)

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