No it is not the beginning of some stupid joke, in Rhode Island a man was arrested for bringing his pony into a liquor store and not cleaning up after it crapped on the floor.

The Associated Press reports

WARREN, R.I. (AP) — A man leaving a children’s pony show got himself into hot water afterward by stopping at a liquor store and bringing his Shetland pony inside.

WJAR-TV reports ( ) the pony’s owner, 51-year-old William Saviano, stopped at the liquor store in Warren on Monday to get wine. Surveillance video shows Saviano leading the pony through aisles of liquor and wine bottles by a leash. At one point on the video, the pony leaves behind a mess when he defecates.

Saviano then refused to clean up the mess. The owner called police, who brought Saviano back to clean up.

Saviano tells WJAR that a sign outside the store says no dogs or cats allowed, so he brought the pony in. WJAR notes the sign now includes the line: ‘‘No horses.’’