Now typically I wouldn't send a big 'ol birthday shout out to a pop star on The Blaze website, but I have a long standing crush on the incredibly sexy Miss Jackson.
The younger sister of Michael Jackson turns 46 today. Before becoming one of the biggest music stars in the world, Janet was an actress with roles on T-V's Diff'rent Strokes (and now I've got THAT theme song in my head), Good Times and Fame. She later starred in such movies as Poetic Justice and Nutty Professor Two: The Klumps. Of course she's also remembered for her 2004 controversial "wardrobe malfunction" with Justin Timberlake during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Also known as my favorite Janet Jackson moment ever.

I'll never forget that day. We were having our annual Super Bowl throw down at my place when the halftime show began. Like the rest of America, everybody jumped up from the sofa and headed to the kitchen for shots. But not even the sweet sound of booze bottles being cracked open in my kitchen could drag me away from the television. So there I was, all alone, watching Janet & Timberlake on mute, when all of a sudden it was clear that Santa had received my Christmas letter. Janet's amazing tata broke free and exposed itself, causing the most rewound television moment in history.

The moment I've been waiting for since this poster came out.

Let's go ahead and relive that amazing Super Bowl moment now.