It was on this day, February 15th, just 7 years ago that YouTube launched and changed our lives, and the world, forever. Can you believe it's only been 7 years?  How the Hell did we show friends & strangers how much our buddy Carl barfed at last night's concert prior to YouTube?  It's almost as mind blowing as trying to imagine a world before texting....oooowwwwwww, just typing that hurt my brain.  A textless, YouTube-less world is one I do not want to live in, my friend.

In 2005, 3 dudes who worked for Pay Pal in California were trying to show each other some  video from a party the night before, when the idea to share online struck their hungover minds.  See, the worst ideas come about when you're drunk, but the best ones come from weary thirsty heads.

The Pay Pal friends are now so loaded they post to YouTube from their solid gold smart phones & keyboards.  Solid gold I tell you!!  OK, that's probably not true.  But here's the very first video uploaded to YouTube, insane to imagine that this horribly boring clip resulted in the epic phenomenon we now know as the life changing, rad show inspiring (Tosh!) online tool we call...YouTube.

Although the guys launched YouTube on February 15 2005, it took until April for an actual rando to upload the Zoo video.  First comments ever on YouTube were:

1. "Interesting..."

2. "i can tell you why elephants are cool. Two words: BIG POOP"

3. "dude.. umm... ? ok i'll be nice..

4. " dosn't cost too much to fly to Scottland.

5. "soon to be divorced, actually, from her third husband, and she's quite a dish, anyway."