Got some NCAA Tournament to look forward to today. What better way to enjoy the basketball action than posting up on your couch, sipping some brew and enjoying chips and dip. Did you know that men are more likely to double dip the chip than women?

According to a survey by Tostitos

One in four people admit that they've double-dipped a chip. Young people are more likely to do it.

Two in five people under age 35 say they've double-dipped.  46% of young guys say they've done it . . . compared to only 32% of young women.

54% of people say that if they saw someone else double-dip, they'd stay away from the dip for the rest of the night . . . and 25% would say something to the person.

Another violation of chip-and-dip etiquette you should be aware of:  45% of people say that the correct way to dip is to go straight in and out . . . instead of scooping to get more dip.

See the Seinfeld episode when George get busted double dipping