Today was our  “Debbie Day”, otherwise known as Administrative Professionals Day!


Debbie is known to us by many names like, “Front Desk Debbie”, “Debbie Do Right”, or as shown in the picture, our “Director of First Impressions”.  You see, Debbie is our admin professional!  She is the first and last person you see when visiting the radio station.  She’s here early each morning to greet guests at the front counter, do paperwork,  answer phones, do paperwork, assist managers, do paperwork,  give contest winners their prizes, do paperwork, and…basically be the glue that holds the ole South Reserve Radio Ranch together.  All of us are thankful for Debbie’s hard work, dedication, loyalty, and contagiously good attitude.  She is of great value to us and appreciated by everyone who works here.

One of the world’s largest workplace observances, Administrative Professionals Week, is marked today by the 60th anniversary of Administrative Professionals Day! It’s a day to recognize the hard work of receptionists, administrative staff, secretaries,  and other support professionals.