MONDAY February 13 – We’ve got featured artist of the week, SHINEDOWN, and special guest DARK NEW DAY hanging with Lou tonight! There are two brand new rockin’ tunes in SMASH OR CRASH for you to vote on!  This week, it's between EVE TO ADAM and FOXY SHAZAM!   LOU BRUTUS will share some thought provoking rhymes in POETRY CORNER, vent his relatable frustrations with  RANT OF THE DAY, and introduce you to some sites to keep you busy with IT CAME FROM THE WEB! Plus, a movie review unlike any you’ve ever heard, in FRACTURED FILMS!

TUESDAY February 14 – “Happy” Valentine’s Day! LOU BRUTUS has more tonight with featured artist SHINEDOWN &  special guest  BUSH! Lou gets  you caught up with the latest in the gaming world, with ARE YOU GAME? Which bands are hitting the road and releasing new music?!...ROXY will fill you in with some DIRT! Call LOU at 877 MUSIC 11

WEDNESDAY February 15 – LOU BRUTUS  is chatting some more with featured artist SHINEDOWN, and getting you the latest with tonight’s special guest DISTURBED! No one wants to hear news on Lohan or some devastating crime!...We’ve got some news stories that will make you laugh, in tonight's  WEIRD WORLD NEWS.

THURSDAY February 16 – Featured artist SHINEDOWN and special guest NEW MEDICINE grace the airwaves tonight on the XL!    ROXY will give you all the rock music news you need to know, in XL DIRT! Plus, LOU BRUTUS'  got the best entertainment that you can’t get anywhere else! Hit him up at or hit our

FRIDAY February 17 – Wind down your week with the best rock, and rock star interviews with SHINEDOWN and LACEY STURM of FLYLEAF! Going to check out the new movie releases? Lou has his recommendations of the best ones  to check out this weekend, in FLIX PIX! LZZY HALE of HALESTORM answers your personal questions, in ASK LZZY! Add these pages to your ‘Favorites,’ and stay up to date with the latest in rock.

MONDAY February 20 – You can look forward to Mondays, when ya got LOU BRUTUS and HARDDRIVE XL! We’ll get you through it with featured artists of the week STAIND and GODSMACK (MASS CHAOS TOUR,) tonight’s special guest HURT, and new music that you can’t hear anywhere else, except in SMASH OR CRASH! Plus, your Monday night entertainment with FRACTURED FILMS, POETRY CORNER, RANT OF THE DAY and IT CAME FROM THE WEB.

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