There is still over less than 3 weeks til Christmas, and I am already fed up with the holidays. Mostly because you can't go anywhere without running into idiots. People clamoring to buy stuff that no one cares about. Comedian Katt Williams seems recently acted out one of my fantasies.

Before we get to our featured video, let's take a look at a possible reason why Katt may have blown his lid.

According to

Williams, according to Reuters was eyed by a CHP officer on Sacramento capitol grounds, riding a three-wheeled Can-Am motorcycle on the sidewalk. When approached by officers, Kat allegedly fled, sparking a chase by officers. However, it was called off due to safety concerns for pedestrians.


A short time later, the troubled comedian walked into a local Target, got into an argument with a retail cashier and attacked him.

Kat Williams slapped the Target worker after what appeared to be a brief exchange of words. And here's where it gets stranger by the minute: Williams stood by while the employee called police. Moments later, Williams is seen checking out though another cashier's line, while riding a motorized courtesy wheelchair.

Now if you are fed up with holiday shopping, I advise you DON'T haul off and hit someone. Even though the thought has crossed my mind hundreds of times this season.