Before I moved to Missoula, I lived in Kalispell and had made many good friends over the course of years that I stayed there. Back in 2004, money never really seemed to be too much of an issue. But then again, that was before the entire global market came to a screeching halt. Since then, the lack of jobs and income has washed up large cities like Detroit and even as close as Spokane. We thought that perhaps Montana could be able to sustain itself with the tighter knit communities and small town prices. We were wrong.

Watching this homemade, and brutally honest video about the "poverty stricken" town of Kalispell, Montana me swell up with tears. As this young video director takes his cameras to the streets in which I once called home, I could not help but feel so terribly awful when I saw him filming buildings that once were the home of what seemed at the time to be strong businesses, roll up there carpets to expose nothing but empty parking lots.

Now granted, before you say "Well, heck, look at places like Polson, Ronan, even Pablo." Yes. I understand how much you have (WE have) all been dealt a heavy blow, yet no one has really taken the time to represent their town and it's state of affairs on Youtube for everyone to see the way this video does.

This heartbreaking short film needs to be seen by everyone who lives in Montana and cares about it's future.

Just asking: Do you live in Kalispell? Is this video an accurate representation of its local economy?