There's definitely an entire floor reserved in Hell for the a-holes who not only stole a crippled boy's wheelchair, but also his family's holiday dinner.

And I don't mean the fun South Park Satan kind of Hell, like the fiery, scary, nightmarish Hell. Jerkfaced thieves ripped off a wheelchair belonging to Stephen Gibson, a 9-year-old boy with cerebral palsy and scoliosis.

The hungry d-bags originally broke into Stephen's family's garage last weekend to help themselves to food that the family had purchased for Thanksgiving and Christmas. That wasn't enough, so they got into the family car and jacked Stephen's wheelchair.

Stephen and his family want the chair returned, with Stephen saying he would forgive whoever is responsible for the crime. What a sweet boy to be willing to forgive the terrible humans who would not only steal a child's wheelchair, but also do wrong to a fellow human who is disabled and to cap it off, jack the family Christmas dinner. Real life Grinches.

The fantastic folks of the Cleveland, meanwhile, have rallied around them, with generous local people asking how they could help and some companies even offering to build Stephen a new customized wheelchair. Mad props to this community for taking care of this family.