A quickie but goodie for the weekend: The New York Times reports that Columbia University is reconsidering its decision to offer Nutella in dining halls. Why? According to the article, students have added Nutella to their "eh, f**k it, I'll just take this back to my room" list:

“People take silverware, cups and plates, and that adds up over the course of a year to a lot of money,” he said. “With Nutella, it added up much more quickly. Where Dining might have to spend $50,000 to replace silverware and cups, they were spending thousands of dollars on Nutella in one week.”

Ms. Dunn “told me it was close to $5,000 in that first week,” he said. As for the amount of Nutella that Columbia students were consuming, or at least loading up on and walking away with, he said, “I was told it was more than 100 pounds per day.”

100 pounds of Nutella at five grand in one week? That's over seven bucks per pound. Columbia is for really smart people, or at least people with smart parents and enough money to buy their kids into college, so I'd think they'd be smart enough to get the bulk discount at Costco.

(check this out: Amazon sells it for a little over four dollars per pound . . .there ya go Columbia, I just saved you a s**tpile of cash. Send me half of the savings, we'll call it even).

I guess when students shell out over $45,000 for tuition, and an additional $11,000 for room and board, I suppose 1) Columbia can afford the stuff, and 2) as a student I might feel entitled to some free Nutella . . . one of those "its' the least the university could do" kind of things.