I had some crazy ideas in High School, one of which was to mail poop to the principal. I never seemed to work up the courage to poop in a box, let alone put a stamp on it and mail my "message." Finally a kid in Maryland had the courage to do it, but he kept doing it over and over again until it finally landed him in cuffs.

According to Delmarva Now

Police said a Stephen Decatur High School student was arrested Monday and charged with mailing three packages containing animal excrement to a vice-principal at the school.

The student is in 12th grade, and the administrator is Vice Principal Mark Flynn, according to Barb Witherow, a spokeswoman for Worcester County Schools. She declined to name the youth.

Witherow said the student has been punished with a 10-day suspension, which is the maximum amount of time a student can be suspended. She said she has no idea why Flynn was the recipient of the package.

On second thought, don't send poop, send a fart. It is way easier thanks to the kind people at Fart By Mail.