With the Hollywood Undead show coming up on June 27, we asked you to create your own Hollywood Undead themed mask. We received some very well done masks and it is now time to decide who will win tickets and backstage meet and greet passes.

We have 4 great masks in the competition and only 3 pair of tickets and backstage m&g passes. So that means, one person is walking away with only their awesome mask. Vote for your favorite mask NOW!

Tiana Kellberg

My friend Miranda Morton and I decided to take Johnny 3 Tears' mask and make the feminine version for all the ladies that follow the Hollywood Undead Army. Hope you enjoy our mask!

Jimmy Glass

Good for Halloween, Day of the Dead, Kids Birthdays, Slipknot shows and Hollywood Undead shows.

Dustin Scott

made this mask to freak out my mom! (And also so I could meet HU). Took about 3 days because I molded it to fit my face, then cut out the eyes and mouth, then plastered some cardboard on the nose, mouth, eyebrows, and teeth. Had a blast making it and hope to have an even better time hangin' back stage with HU!!!

Derrick Parenteau

This is my thought on how an Undead Hollywood person would look. Bare bones, black/empty on the inside, with a zombie's attempt at makeup on the outside. The 'H' 'U' is in font of Hollywood Undead album art. The flourescent green was used because it is one of few colors that has not been found on H.U. masks (aside from J-Dog's dollar bill mask) and because green is one of the easiest colors to see in the dark.

Who will WIN? Vote once per IP address every 6 hours.

Deadline for voting is Noon on Friday the 21st.

Winner announced at 4pm Friday the 21st