How I spent my tax refund:  stupid bills, electronics, my once a year walk through CostCo & approximately one rad dinner at Jakers.

How I wanted to spend my tax refund:  Vegas & Concerts.

By the way, I used to pay taxes each year, until I hooked up with Stephen Leistiko at H & R Block in the Fairway Shopping Center, next to Boomers.  And I'm not even saying that because he paid me or because he's a sponsor, he's not, I'm just telling you the truth.  Pre-Stephen I was paying taxes each year, post-Stephen I'm enjoying blowing a nice wad of cash each spring. His number is 728-3661, I highly recommend him. A bunch of my friends & co-workers go to Stephen too and LOVE him. And he doesn't just do your taxes, he teaches you how to do it yourself (if you prefer) and gives excellent tips on how to increase your tax return by doing simple things through out the year like saving receipts. Basically, Stephen rocks and it's so nice not to have to do that crap yourself.