Tuesday was definitely a hiking day in Missoula. The sun was out, it was 55 degrees, seemed like a perfect idea. Unfortunately everybody had the same idea, if this kind of 'M' traffic keeps up we're going to have to get traffic lights up there. So it was crowded, but not too bad.

And yeah the sun was out, but it was freezing cold at the top and I was dressed for bottom of the hill weather. So little crowded, kind of cold but all in all we had a good time and it was awesome to get out for the first hike of the season.

I didn't intend to time our hike but right when we started, the U of M clock tower rang half past and right when we reached the top it rang 5 bells. I was with two 8-year-olds so we just kind of lollygagged up the mountain, the entire hike took us about 50 minutes. I think if I were alone I could do it in 30 but that made me wonder how long it takes the runners and super athletes to get up and down the mountain. You know, the shirtless guy that whizzes past you on the way up and is headed down before you even reach the 'M'? Must take those dudes like 8 minutes, how long does it take you?