Have you heard of the latest trend in booze? It is basically an invention for alcoholics who enjoy backpacking into the wilderness. Powdered alcohol, or Palcohol, is exactly what it sounds like. It is real booze that is turned into a powder and ready to be reconstituted with water. The FDA approved the new form of booze recently, only to take back the approval, saying that Palcohol is "to dangerous for kids." (*scoff* so is the liquid stuff on the shelf.) Since the FDA is holding up your chance to try powdered booze for yourself, why not try and make your own at home. The folks at Popular Science broke out their chemistry skills and laid out the plan for making homemade powdered hooch.

According to Popular Science

The only way to make unadulterated alcohol into a powder would be to freeze it solid. The temperature required to do that would destroy your tongue when you ate it though, not to mention certain other logistical concerns. The trick, therefore, is to start with a highly sorbent powder as a base, and add alcohol to it -- just enough so that the alcohol is fully soaked up, but the powder remains powdery.