How many of you have a car that looks like you live in it part time? My truck certainly does. There’s a pile of change in the ashtray, several pairs of work gloves under the seat, a bunch of CDs in the console, maps, pliers, phone charger, spare pieces of paper, a phone book and lord knows what else in the back seat. You get the general idea.

Now that the seasons are changing, it’s time to organize all that stuff (throw most of it away), and get some winter items in there. Good warm gloves, hats and socks, space blanket, power bars, warm blanket, sand or kitty litter, small shovel, jumper cables, flashlight and extra batteries.

This list should give you a pretty good start. I’m sure you'll come up with a few more items. There are also lots of websites with simple steps you can take to get your car ready for winter. You can also ask your favorite mechanic or automotive shop for help.

Finally, program your phone with the Montana D-O-T road information number.