Have you been to Silver Mountain in Kellogg, Idaho in the last couple of years? It's a really nice resort that was recently remodeled and it's SO much fun!

Photo courtesy of www.silvermt.com

I don't ski or snowboard and I still love Silver Mountain because there's so much to do. The rooms are gorgeous, have full kitchens and are super comfy. There is a rad bar like the ones you see in resorts on TV, shopping, restaurants, sled hill and water park.

My recommended day of fun would be to ride the world's longest gondola up the hill to enjoy my favorite sledding in the whole world. It's a designated sledding hill with several lanes and even though it's safe enough to send toddlers down, it's still an absolute blast for all. After a morning of that, grab the gondola back down and hit the water park which has this gigantic bowl and funnel full of water for you to ride down. After that, hit the showers for a night out at Noah's Canteen. Full rich day indeed!

Side note: the closest liquor store is just across the bridge in downtown Kellogg.

Photo courtesy of www.silvermt.com

Silver Mountain actually used to host concerts at the top of the hill, it was pretty rad. I saw Everclear there and way back in the day for my very first radio job in Spokane, I had to ride the gondola up with N'Sync to interview them. Do you know how nerve racking it is to be in a tiny little gondola cart with Justin effin' Timberlake? He was a total dick. That's before he became funny though so I bet if we had to do it again, we'd party our asses off.

ANYWAY, if you're looking for a quick family get away, try Silver Mountain, it's only two hours away and you won't be disappointed. Bid on one of several Silver Mountain packages we will have in our 'I Love Missoula Auction' starting this Friday (Febrary 7), you can preview all of the items here.