I gotta' tell ya', when I first started reading about this study, I thought it posed the question "If a bus was going to hit either your dog or Foreigner, who would you save?" Like the band Foreigner, so I was like well the answer is clear! But it's A foreigner, ok, my bad.So basically these important people in white lab coats and pocket protectors at Northeastern University asked random people this question. If a speeding bus was about to hit your dog and a foreign tourist, which one would you push out of the way? Forty percent of the people said their dog! Forty six percent women. I believe if they had posed this question in downtown Missoula, that number would be higher.

Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

What if the situation were reversed? Would your dog save you? Or would he stand by and lick his own junk?

Which one would YOU save?