Every year there are the same items that seem to end up on the dinner table. You may not like them, but they always show up. For me, it is the "oyster corn" that Mavis makes. It is disgusting and smells like a rotten fish, but it always shows up on the dinner table on Thanksgiving. I try and be nice and take a small spoonful, but it usually ends up in the dog's dish.

If you have ever wondered what the items on your dinner table might say about you? Here is you answer.

According to a study from Funny or Die

Gravy: You are fat
Turkey: You used to be fat
Mashed Potatoes: You are fat and unoriginal
Canned Cranberry Sauce: Your fat does not discriminate
Stuffing: You have good taste in what makes you fat
Apple Pie: You justify getting fat because there's fruit in it
Pecan Pie: Your fat has no shame
Pumpkin Pie: You have trouble letting go of Halloween and also your plate (what with the being fat and all)
Sweet Potato Marshmallow Casserole: You love life which is why you're a fat person
Turducken: You love fisting…fat people. Because you are one.
Tofurkey: You're in college and visiting home and you condescend to those who are fat
Broccoli: You are fat and a liar because these were soaked in butter
Rolls: Ugh, fat and boring
Yams: You use outdated jargon reminiscent of earlier times, one where being fat (which you are) was a sign of wealth and status
Decorative Corn: You may not be fat, but you should not be left alone, you are a crazy person