Leave it to a country that is known for it's whiskey and leprechauns, to try and legalize drunk driving. They are not asking for it to be completely legal, they just want the law to take it easy on lonely farmers who want to chug a few beers and drive their 5 ton tractors home.

According to the associated press

Councilmen in Kerry, southwest Ireland, passed a motion this week asking the government to create a permit that would allow isolated farmers the ability to drink a few pints and then return home in their car, or on their tractor, without fear of being busted.

A generation ago, drunken driving was commonplace in Ireland and even the smallest villages or forlorn crossroads would feature a pub. But in this century the country has steadily improved road safety standards, introducing mandatory driving tests, blood and breath tests and above all a penalty-points system that removes licenses from dangerous drivers, particularly drunks.

The proposed permit to drive drunk has been denied, but who knows what the Irish will do when they base so much of their culture on getting hammered.