I'm probably showing my age here (15 year old sense of humor, 36 year old body) but I'm geeked for Iron Maiden's re-release of their classic 1988 concert video Maiden England. Here's the trailer:

This is like reliving my childhood (if you're a marketing or advertising major, remember this always: people WILL pay to recaputre their childhood). Maiden England was filmed in 1988, on the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son tour. That's the record that introduced me to Iron Maiden. I think I gave a friend three or five bucks for his used cassette. If my 12-year-old-self had known what crack was, I'd have told my friend of his obvious drug habit for letting that tape go! In fact, this is the song from that album that sealed the deal for me:

What's better than a re-release of the old VHS on DVD with CDs and a bonus documentary on the band (out March 26)? A new world tour based on the original '88 show: Denver, Salt Lake, Phoenix are a short direct flight away.