The idea is obviously far fetched. But just like people believe they still see Elvis and TuPac, the following video shows a slim glimmer of hope that the legendary guitarist is alive in 2012.

Dimebag was undoubtedly involved in a tragic shooting in front of hundreds of fans in 2004. But you can't help but wonder "what if?" In the following video you will see why Darrell "Dimbag" Abbott was a master axman and an all around awesome dude. It is a compilation of Dimebag solos from LIVE Pantera performances. But pay close attention around :40 seconds into the video.

Did you notice the date in the video? Obviously it was filmed by someone who didn't know how to program the camcorder. But it did make me smile to think, "What if that crazy A-hole is living on a secluded island somewhere, only to appear occasionally in Pantera tribute bands?"

Whether Dimebag is dead or alive, we are gearing up to celebrate his life this Saturday with Dimestock 2012 at the Dark Horse.