If you're still ignorant to the Frosting phenomenon, here's the short version. Missoula's Wonder Boy Colin Hickey received a funny pic from a friend who was out doing some summer activity in the insane amount of snow we got last week.  So he returned a pic and a few of his buddies got in on the fun with their own pics at which point one of them referred to it as "Frosting".  With the fresh foot of snow and the long weekend for some, the idea exploded with Missoulian's photos on the official Frosting Facebook Page. It's gone nationwide with Colin & his buddies being featured on a bunch of different radio & TV shows and there are even t-shirts declaring Missoula the "Frosting Capital Of The World".  I don't know Colin personally but the guy continues to amaze me, he does some pretty rad stuff to keep the FUN in this community including running missoulaevents.net & the Montana Is For Badasses Facebook page and booking shows at The Palace & The Badlander.

With the big snow fall last Tuesday, we asked you to send us your snow pics and here's what we got.  Like I said, it's no Frosting, but there is some funny stuff in here.  Thanks to everybody who sent in pics!