Nothing reveals more about a place than its signs. Missoula’s characterized by its status as a college town, liberal town in a conservative state, its greens (nature AND Mary Jane) and its combination of healthy and low-maintenance lifestyles. Here are the top most interesting and uniquely Missoulian signs around town.

  • 1

    Beware: Drunk People Crossing

    We don’t call Missoula “Zoo” because of the animals! Outside of the Iron Horse pub and restaurant on Spruce, this signs warns people of the downtown wildlife.

    Samantha Steven
  • 2

    We Buy Anything

    A sign like this is a sight for sore eyes, after 7 out of 50 books were rejected from Hastings Book Buy-Back. No exceptions, no standards; it makes getting rid of junk so much less of a hassle! This sign is the name of an antique store at the end of North Higgins, by the train station, and just after the wildlife sign at IHo.

    Samantha Steven
  • 3

    No Vehicles on Brick Roof

    Since cars make a habit out of driving in pedestrian walkways at the University of Montana campus, it’s nice to inform them of their limits. NO ROOFS! Sidewalks, grass, and pedestrian paths are okay, but we draw the line on top of the campus buildings. This sign is on the UM campus, in front of Urey Lecture Hall.

    Samantha Steven
  • 4

    Missoula'a Batting Cages

    The juxtaposition of batting cages with cemetery sounds like a bad western movie’s torture chamber, even though it just happens that children practice baseball batting near a veteran’s cemetery on 3205 Fort Missoula Road.

    Samantha Steven
  • 5

    Bikram Hot Yoga

    There’s a strange mix of pleasure and pain when walking down North Higgins and a a sweating cartoon-man with pronounced chest hair and bright red skin pops out at you in a yoga pose. Sure, the red’s supposed to indicate the 90 degree room that Bikram yogis practice in, but it looks more like he’s sun burnt or cooked. Whether it persuades or dissuades people from trying Bikram, it certainly gets someone’s attention!

    Samantha Steven