In fairness to Glenn Beck this 14 year old kid makes us all look intellectually inadequate. What sets Glenn apart is that a squid makes him look intellectually inadequate, while the rest of us are probably a little brighter than sea creatures.

But I digress

The Mirror ran an interesting article on this kid over the weekend. He's 14, wasn't expected to ever speak, but now has in IQ higher than Einstein's at 189. Most PhDs top out around 125 (scroll toward the bottom of this Intelligence Quotient page for a better idea of how off the chart 189 is)

He's all over Youtube (the Mirror link has a cool video where he shows us how to build lasers . . . getting it on a dolphin, though, is another matter)

Here's a video from a couple years ago, when Jacob appeared on Beck's show.

Now, if Glenn could just find a genius to prove the earth is 6000 years old, and Jesus rode a dinosaur.