Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro absolutely rocked our faces off last night at The Wilma! Jane's Addiction became a band in 1985, that's like 62 years ago, and I swear to you they are still on top of their game.

We scored Dave Navarro's DNA covered hand towel and 3 of his guitar picks!

The Missoula stop of the Jane's Addiction tour was announced back on June 12 of this year. Tickets went on sale that Friday and were sold out by Monday.

Dave Navarro smiles at Perry Farrell as he returns to the stage for the acoustic set.

Hard core Jane's fans gathered at The Golden Rose for the pre-party, where Mike Wemple and Susie Polaski won last minute tickets to the show.

Following that, our backstage winners were treated to a rare "Jam Room" performance just minutes before the show began.

We were in this tiny room downstairs at the Wilma where Jane's merrily belted out "Pigs In Zen" to a crowd of six. Our winners actually had to move back to avoid colliding with Perry Farrell.

Then one of the greatest shows I've ever seen began.

The crowd was amazing singing along with every single deep cut presented. The stage set up was incredible, with the two Jane's signature nude ladies from their album covers towering over the band. Eventually, actual sexy ladies joined the band on stage for hot dancing and shenanigans. Toward the end of the show, the crew brought out chairs and the band did a small acoustic set.

The band was very engaged, dipping into the crowd with their instruments, making eye contact and reaching out to fans.

Thank you once again Missoula for a sold out show that will help us book more big name acts. It's our sincere hope that this was as memorable for you as it was for us.

Photos by Jordan Dawson/TSM