J. Devil, Boots Electric, Jesse, Mr. Hughes, Fabulous Weapon...I don't know what YOU call him, but I call him a bad mutherf**ker.

If you're not familiar, Boots is one half of Eagles Of Death Metal (other half being Joshua Homme) and just an all around badass.  You may have seen him here in Missoula when Queens Of The Stone Age came to town, he was traveling with the band. 

I was super excited to hear that Boots was working on a new solo album and even more excited when I heard the single.  Eagles Of Death Metal are certainly an aquired taste, I mean they are not a band you throw on when strangers are at your party, unless you want them to leave. 

This single, "Boots Electric Theme", is also an aquired taste.  Spin magazine describes it as "electro glam-pop".  It features Brody Dalle from the Distillers and Spinnerette (and Homme's babies' Mama).  Beastie Boys keyboardest Money Mark also helps to give this song it's electro feel.

The new album from Jesse Hughes, Honky Kong, drops on September 20th.  Check this out...

Boots Electric -- Boots Electric Theme