As defense attorney David Paoli wrapped up questioning of the alleged victim in the Jordan Johnson sexual assault trial Wednesday morning, Feb. 14 in Missoula County District Court many things came to light in regards to her relationships and behaviors with friends and family following the incident. The woman confirmed that she told her mother that if she didn't take her side in the situation that she would no longer have anything to do with her. She told something similar to her aunt and her cousin, who she described in yesterday's questioning with the prosecution were like a mom and a sister to her, respectively.

Alleged victim answers to telling family members to support her in accusations

Paoli also went back to yesterday's questioning to revisit the woman's testimony regarding a text message she sent to her nurse practitioner at First Step that read "I'm so happy!!!," which she confirmed was in reference to former athletic director Jim O'Day and former football coach Robin Pflugrad being fired last March.

Today, she did agree that she was happy that they were fired, but said she was happy because something was being done on campus in response to her sexual assault.

O’Day was in the gallery of the court room today, as he was yesterday. His son Brian, who the woman picked up and drove to his home after the alleged rape, is listed as a witness in the case. The woman confirmed that although she calls Brian a friend of hers, that the two have not spoken in a very long time.

As Paoli continued with his questioning, he brought up answers from previous interviews held prior to the trial and noted discrepancies between those answers and the ones she’s given on the witness stand.

Paoli also asked her about a note she sent to a high school friend in Great Falls that detailed the trouble she was having with getting her mom, aunt and cousin to be on her side, and also included thoughts she was having about feeling responsible for what happened and even guilty.

Part of that note read:

And now I keep thinking that maybe I did want it, and that's why I didn't punch him or kick him or bite him. It's all kind of ridiculous because I know I didn't ask for it.The more and more this goes on, the more I feel guilty about it. The whole situation makes me think I just lied.

When the woman was asked later if she has had expressions of guilt and responsibility spanning the past few months, she said that was correct.

After agreeing with Paoli that she told her counselor that she avoids media coverage about the sexual assault, she admitted to telling her friends to check out the coverage. She admitted that she told one friend that she was a part of something that had happened and that the person could figure it out what it is by watching the news. She also sent multiple text messages to friends in other parts of the state asking if coverage of “her situation” had hit their city.

Paoli noted that the alleged victim has asked to remain anonymous, and continually says she doesn’t want to be known as a part of the case.

Then Paoli asked, “You have told a lot of friends haven’t you?”

She agreed that she had told her close friends. He asked, how many close friends

“10 to 15,’ she replied.

The prosecution was set to re-examine the witness per normal trial procedure. However, that was put off for an educational psychological witnessto testify who was in town for just one day.

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