After missing for nine days, there is still little information on what happened to Josh Carter after he left the Frenchtown Club bar and disappeared on September 7.


According to Josh's brothers Ivan and Travis Carter, aerial surveillance flights will occur on Monday September 17. The family is requesting information from those searching for Josh, specifically the coordinates of the areas that have been searched so far and information about how searches have been conducted.

Ivan Carter notes that "right now it's kind of hit and miss and no one knows where anybody has searched. Some people have just driven the roads, but that's not really searching. If you're searching, you're getting out of the vehicle and walking. We need to get more specific about where we're searching and how we're searching."

Ivan and Travis Carter ask for community help:

The Carter family is also asking for donations to help fund the search. Ivan says that "right now, everyone is volunteering, but we are going to run out of funds if we are going to have to keep sending planes up in the air and people into the mountains . . . it's costing a lot of money for gas." A web page is currently under construction for donations and up to date information can be found at the Searching for Josh Carter Facebook page.

According to Information Officer Jason Johnson of the Missoula County Sheriff's Department, the phone line at the department has been busy. The community should be aware that some involvement can hinder the investigation. "We get a lot of people calling our office," said Johnson, "wanting to know what we've done up to date and what we intend to do . . . it can be reckless on our part to answer those questions for dozens of people. We try to work with the family directly."

Interview with Information Officer Jason Johnson:

Johnson says that investigators are conducting face-to-face interviews with those that last saw Josh. Security cameras on businesses in and around the area are also being checked to see if Josh's vehicle passed by. According to Johnson, the search for security camera footage can be difficult because most businesses don't have their cameras facing the roads and are usually targeted on private property or fueling stations. Johnson says "Unless he came to a gas station and went inside we wouldn't have him on video."

Josh Carter was last seen driving driving a 1974 Ford flatbed pickup, yellow in color, with a Montana license plate number: 4-34237A.