It seems as though Juliette Lewis has been around forever. She gained famed for her role in Cape Fear (and was nominated for a Golden Globe and Oscar) but has been on our screen (and in our minds) since her turn as Wayne’s girlfriend in ‘The Wonder Years.’ Lewis is an award winning actress and even fronts a pretty kick-ass rock band. It’s a role on the small, small screen (YouTube) that got our attention today and earned Juliette the ‘crush honors’

Sure she has a small role, but the video itself is so hilarious, it should win her at least a few web awards (as if those were worth anything). Juliette gets funnier, and hotter, with each passing year. Also, nothing is sexier than the female lead singer of a band. It’s probably hotter than the “student/teacher” fantasy, which isn’t even really a fantasy anymore, since so many teachers are sleeping with students. Sad but true.

Juliette’s only negative is that she is a member of the Church Of Scientology. We won’t discuss that because, well, we want to live.




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