Update: Friday morning, Feb. 22, the video from Jordan Johnson's first interview with the Missoula Police Department was reviewed further from where it was left off Thursday afternoon in Missoula District Court.

Caution...some of the material below contains descriptions and images that may not be suitable for all audiences.

A teary Johnson was seen discussing why he's take on the sexual encounter was different than that of the alleged victim.

"I would have known if something was wrong," Johnson said in his interview. "I'm not stupid."

When asked why his take on the feelings and thoughts about what had taken place were so different, he replied, "I don't understand either."

Johnson was also asked who he told about having sex with the alleged victim. He said he didn't tell anyone until he received a letter from The University of Montana regarding the woman's accusations.

The video from the interview will be replayed after the court breaks for lunch. At that time the defense will also cross-examine Detective Connie Bruckner whose testimony accompanied the video. This was put on hold so that the defense could call two witnesses who were in the courtroom today, Feb. 22, and were on limited time schedules.

On Thursday,  Bruckner began her testimony by outlining her police training and background. Then, Adam Duerk, a private attorney working with the prosecution, began questioning Bruckner about her investigation into the alleged rape that Johnson, the suspended University of Montana quarterback, is on trial for.

Bruckner produced several pieces of evidence, the most visual being the multicolored blanket that Johnson and the alleged victim were laying on when the sexual encounter occurred.

photo by Peter Christian

Then, the jury was excused while a large screen TV was set up in from of the jury box, so a video of the initial police interview with Johnson could be shown. A large crowd of spectators, including Johnson's parents and several Grizzly football players could hear the audio, but were not in a position to see the screen.

In the interview, Johnson gives his version of the sexual encounter. He claimed that the sex was entirely consensual, and that the young woman showed no signs of being upset or angry during the encounter.

Johnson said, looking back, he wished he would have handled the situation differently, because he said 'her feelings were hurt,' and he should 'have been more compassionate.'

(That part of his interview can be seen below in a video from KPAX.)

Detective Dean Chrestenson continued the interview on the video. When questioned, Johnson, with tears in his eyes, said 'Why would I ever do that to someone?' and that the charges are 'not fair to me or my family.'

Chrestenson told Johnson the police would look closely at both sides of the story, and if they determined a crime was committed, 'we will pursue it.'

Johnson faces a charge of sexual intercourse without consent, and could face a maximum penalty of life in prison if found guilty.

The trial continues Friday in Missoula District Court.