"Bieber Fever" takes our small mountain town today. Followers on Twitter of that semi-talented brat, discovered that Justin was making an appearance AT Missoula tonight. But their enraged hormones didn't allow them to read further into the topic and find that he is actually in Manchester, UK.

Our sister station 107.5 Zoo FM heard the breaking news and did a little research on the Biebs.

After scrolling through my Twitter feed today, I could not help but notice people absolutely losing their freaking prepubescent minds as they retweeted, supposedly confirmed reports, of the pop star Justin Bieber making tracks towards Missoula. Huh? Seriously? Well, yes. Sort of…


Turns out there is a chain of night clubs in England, inspired by and named Missoula.

Screenshot of www.missoulabars.co.uk, the official website of Missoula bars located in England. Who knew?!?

Read more of Zoo FM's investigation here and if you know a Bieber fan, here is your chance to make them cry.