Free Beer and the guys weighed in on a video of a sweaty man in sunglasses calmly responding to news that he was the target of a murder for hire plot. The video, which has been circling around for a few years, recently popped up again on Reddit.

After a little digging around, we discovered that the sweaty man in sunglasses is Kansas City resident George Cascone, who apparently continues to fascinate people on the Internet with his reaction to learning that his ex-wife wanted to have him whacked. In the video, Cascone goes on to criticize her lack of execution, informing the local news reporter of how much she should have offered the hitman in order to “get that work done right.”

Free Beer was surprised at how casual Cascone appeared, noting that he was acting “like it was all a big joke.” Hot Wings agreed, tentatively pointing out that he “seems to be a little too knowledgeable about this.” Zane summed it up by saying that this proves that “all used car salesmen know a thing or two about how to kill somebody.”

On a somewhat related note, we were interested to discover that Kansas City apparently has a history of organized crime. Just sayin’.

Check out the interview below: