My old man never bought me an electric guitar. I begged and pleaded from about age 5 til age 15, when I finally saved up enough money to buy my own. when I was 9 he bought me my first tool set. He always claimed: "Ya know, one day there is gonna be some good lookin gal thats gonna need help fixing her car, and if you're that guy, then thats a step in the right direction.. if ya know what I mean". Ya, dad? Did you ever stop to think about skipping all of that crappy work and just droppin panties with a killer guitar solo?!! NO! YOU DIDNT!!

Anyway I wanna give props to the parents of these kids. They obviously supported, educated, and spent a crapton of money letting these kids follow their dreams. You might remember awhile back we posted these kids killin a Killswitch Engage cover.. I gotta say, they rocked the HELL outta this tune.