At some point today you're gonna be killin' some time at work.  Sure that TPS report is due by COB (that's how d-bags refer to "close of business"), but you know what you're gonna do?  Blow that off, go down to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee and come back to watch these vids.

Let's start with this Australian chick who clearly let her stoner friends rig up her bungee cord.  She jumped from the Victoria Falls Bridge on the border of Zimbabwe, Africa and fell 365 feet after the cord snapped.  Even with a broken collar bone and her legs tied together, she was able to swim to safety.  We're talking a river full of crocodiles in the middle of Africa, all jokes aside, this chick is mastering the art of badassery.  Check this out...

If that's not exciting enough for you, something for you serious thrill seekers.

Now, to get the image of that 22 year old girl's injuries out of your mind, watch this kid shoot out his loose tooth with a Nerf gun.

And finally, to round out this trio of randomness, white dudes rap about the awesomeness of plaid.

OK, now quit screwin' around and go get that report done.