A YouTube video has been posted of a 5-year-old kindergartener in Florida recalling her account of what happened at lunch time at school when she began to pray to herself.

In the video (which begins with her mother insisting "don't talk like a baby"...ummm, she's kind of a baby), she says that she was praying to herself during lunch when a "lunch teacher" approached her and told her to stop. The girl then recalled saying to the lunch aide "it's good to pray" to which she recalls hearing the response "it's not good."

Did this actually happen or was it just a set up by her father to promote a new book his Christian book publisher is releasing? According to school officials, they have interviewed and investigated all of the adults who were working lunch duty that day and all of them agree that they never had this conversation. They also went on to say that personal prayer in school is not something that they are opposed to or have a policy against.

The little girl has since been pulled from the school and it's said she will be home schooled. If this really is a publicity stunt, it's pretty sick to get a kindergartener involved.