As we have all heard recently, Korn is trying something new with their new album "The Path Of Totality". They are teaming nu metal up with dub step. They have allready collaberated with DJ Skrillex, now they want you to bump the beats. Download the 2 singles "Get Up" and "Narcissistic Cannibal" here and remix them in your most creative way. The band will pick 5 DJ's and 1 will be awarded the champion and receive a opening gig at a upcoming Korn show. The other 4 will get their songs featured on the Korn website and a whole s#!tload of Korn shwag. The people get a say too. The "people's choice" winner will also get their song featured on the Korn website.

Time is wasting, you must have your song submitted by 1/9/2012