It’s the time of year that parents dread and kids love. Yep, summer is almost here. I’m not one of those people who throws a party for every little accomplishment or milestone my kids pass. Not to say that I’m not proud of my kids or don’t want to, it’s just that that takes way too much planning and time and I have four kids. So, I tend to save the parties for birthdays. I do, however, like to let my kids have a little fun to celebrate the end of the school year. Here are my top three end of the school year celebrations.

  • Water balloon fight – This is classic fun for any party. Of course, it goes without saying, that this works best on a day that is warm and sunny. I find it particularly fun to start the fight myself by ambushing the kids when they get off the bus that last day of school. Nothing says I love you and great job on the hard work this year like a water balloon to the side of the face.

    Photo courtesy of Steve Wilhelm/Flickr
  • Mud day – This is probably the most fun of all the activities. It is just as the name describes. You pick a decent sized area in your backyard where there is no grass, and soak it with water. You want to make mud that is a couple inches thick so it gets nice and gooey and slippery. Then you just let the kids play, throw mud, wallow in it like a piglet and get as dirty as they can. You want to make sure the clothes they wear for this are clothes you never want them to wear again, because it is impossible to get the mud out, no matter how many washes they go through.

    Photo courtesy of Another Hue/Flickr
  • Food fight – I think the best way to do this is outside and with great junk food, like whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Pretty much anything you would put on a banana split would make great food fight artillery. You want to use food that your kids are actually going to want to eat, rather than mustard or lettuce. It goes without saying that you should avoid hard foods like potatoes or coconuts.

    Photo courtesy of Edward Allen L. Lim/Flickr