I have been a fan of that tall ginger kid, Conan O'Brian, for years. When I heard that he was going to takeover "The Late Show" on NBC, I was stoked. It was great to see someone achieve their life dream in front of millions of people. A few weeks after taking over the "Late Show", Jay Leno, decided to take back his position on the show. His plans to move to "Prime Time" failed and he decided to "bitch out" and take back his old job. It was sad to see Conan's dream get taken away so quick.


Well, luckily for us, after a few months of following the "no compete" clause in his NBC contract. Conan was offered the chance to move over to basic cable and try his luck at staking a claim in the late night business. You can find him weeknights on TBS.

I got stuck being somebodies bitch tonight when it aired. All I could hear blaring from the television in the living room, was some bats#!t crazy song. I was drawn to the living room like a fly to a turd. Some country duet was Conan's guest and they were singing a song titled "fat women in trailers". My ears immediately started bleeding, yet I couldn't run away. I stood there like a zombie and stared. Finally the song ended and I snapped out of the trance. I am convinced that Doyle and Debbie are the Devil's spawn. Or strung out on way too much meth and cialis.

You have been WARNED!