Reading your answers to the Blaze Least Worst poll confirmed what we already guys are THE biggest smart asses we know.

And that's why we like you.

There were 5 general categories with 5 questions in each, so 25 total math wizards.  We'll post the results to a different category each day, starting with the Outdoors portion.

Least Worst Non-Collegiate Sports Team

Missoula Maulers got by far the most votes, double that of the runner up.  A ton of "Maulers Rock" and "Maulers Are Badass" comments, nice job Slash and crew.  Runner up was the Missoula Osprey with many "beer and baseball, can't beat it" comments.  In at a very close 3rd place was the Missoula Phoenix, and it's no wonder considering their last game saw a score of 54-zip.  Props to the Hellgate Rollergirls, Bitterroot Blaze, Jesters, Mavs & Maggots for also getting mentioned more than a few times.

Least Worst Place To Go Huntin'

"No Tellum Creek" picks up the #1 position in this category with the Fox Club in 2nd place.  A majority of the answers in this category were summed up with one response in particular, "I don't hunt animals, I hunt ass".  This is the part where I should make some lame "horn/horny" joke....

Best Place To Go Fishin'

Blackfoot River took the top spot on this one, with "anywhere in Montana" in at #2.  Third place was a combination of tuna related jokes, which made us giggle wildly.

Least Worst Place To Shoot Hoops

"My Alley/Yard" was #1 by a long shot, with Missoula's YMCA in at #2 and Bonner Park in third.  You know who else got a ton of mentions?  The Bodega!  That's my personal fav too.

Least Worst Summertime Activity

A solid 3/4 of answers to this one included a combo of the prases "drinking beer while"  and floating/tubing/swimming/boating the river.  Fishin' was in at #2 with Folfing at #3 and "your moms vagina" in at a strong #4.

Up tomorrow, "Least Worst Services & Goods".