Remember listening to Casey Kasem on American Top 40 as a kid? Maybe not if you grew up on The Blaze, but Casey's show and legacy is known by most, regardless if you ever heard his countdown. Sadly, Casey has gone missing.

(^^ Casey Kasem's legendary rant that makes us laugh our asses off every time ^^)

This will make you feel old as Hell. Casey Kasem is now 82 years old and can no longer speak due to advanced Parkinson's disease. His home is in Los Angeles, although he's been in and out of various medical facilities over the past few years. His children claim his wife, Jean Kasem, has kept them from seeing their father. And now, he's gone missing.

Casey's daughter, Kerri Kasem, believes her father has been taken to an Indian reservation in Washington state.

Suspicious and strange, hope Casey is in a place that he wishes to be.