This is gonna' be effin' HUGE!  We are celebrating the return of Local 406 to the airwaves with a local band showcase and block party at the Alcan in Frenchtown.

First I'd like to explain why we went with the Alcan.  Why wouldn't we?  Literally every single time I've walked into that bar they were listening to kick ass music with hot chicks working behind the bar.  Reason enough for us, but the other reason this is gonna' be so big is because we don't have to shut down at 10pm.  As you know, outdoor music in Missoula has to shut down by 10, but since every single man, woman, child & animal in Frenchtown will be at our party, we can keep it going 'til bar closing. 

So there's that.  We're psyched to have JC back at The Blaze, she does an amazing job with the show every week and is just a super hard core, genuine fan of rock, and we love that about her, and her show.

We think all of this constitues shutting down Frenchtown for a party!  Eff YEAH!  Don't miss this, we'll be blowing out concert tickets like the prize closet's on fire.

Local 406 Presents:  The Blaze Block Party at the Alcan in Frenchtown

Saturday, August 20th  4pm-close

NO COVER, ALL AGES, bring the fam!

BBQ, Pig Roast, drink specials & deals on Budweiser, hourly ticket give aways for Volbeat/Cold tickets & tickets for the Korn show out in Post Falls.

Featuring:  Universal Choke Sign, Your Divine Tragedy, Little Giants, High Voltage & Red Carpet Devils

THANK YOU to those who made it possible for this event to be free:  BUDWEISER, Kronos Kustoms, King Ranch Golf Course, America's Propane & Frenchtown Drug