You ever have that cursed band you never get to see?  Not that the band is cursed, but YOU are the cursed one anytime you try to see them perform.  This is the band that no matter what you do, something always goes wrong.  A few years back, there was a local metal band from Kalispell (Mr. Grey) that I wanted to see, but on 4 consecutive attempts, failed to do so.  Whether it was my car breaking down, or getting kicked out of a bar venue because it was past 10pm and I had no fake ID, I never made it to any of those shows.  I don’t remember how long it took, but I FINALLY got to see Mr. Grey play. Totally worth the wait.  I am now having a similar experience with a current local band.  I tried to go to a Fiancée / Boxcutters show last week but someone had mislabeled the event.  I saw a poster for the Boxcutters for the 17th but I haven’t seen anything posted on Top Hat’s website… Probably going to check it out anyway just in case and hope that the “Mr. Grey situation” didn’t transfer over to another band!

As far as last week goes, if you were not at the Vengeance/ Beefcurtain show at the Dark Horse, Ya missed out.  Vengeance doesn’t come through town often, and when they came through this time, they brought booze.  Vengeance received a sponsorship from Underground Liquor and shared their sponsor’s craft (think Jager w/ a milder taste and higher alcohol content). Booze aside, seeing those two bands play together again was a blast.

Blessiddoom had a show on Saturday with Green Sickness and Tidal Horn. Rushing to get there in time, I kept my fingers crossed that if I was pulled over, “late for local concert” was an acceptable excuse for speeding.  Sadly, I missed the Green Sickness set, but Tidal Horn and Blessiddoom were awesome.

On Sunday I spent so much time talking about the Block Party coming up this Saturday, I didn’t even get to touch on anything else going on this week!  Here is your line up:

Wednesday August 17th

@ The Dark Horse

9pm | 21+

Take Your Pants Off Tour!

Monsters Scare You (Seattle, WA)

Keeping Secrets (Seattle, WA)


Saturday August 20th

@ The Alcan in Frenchtown

4pm | FREE! | All ages


YOUR DIVINE TRAGEDY (Missoula/ Seattle)




 *BBQ/ pig roast

*ticket give aways

*Specials on Budweiser, Fireball & Firefly

*lots more!!!!

Alright, everyone has the info!  If you have any questions, contact me: or  Hope to see you at some shows this week and better be seeing you in Frenchtown on Saturday!!!