Local 406 is an hour of home grown rock every Sunday at 5pm on The Blaze.

Hello local musicians and fans of such!  This will now be another tool for you to find out information about what’s going on musically around your home state, and for me to give you the heads up for  events on Local 406.

Message to the fans:  Local 406 is for you in the way that for an hour a week you have a way to listen to music from your area and find out where to see them live and who is doing what. I love it when I go to a show and hear “I just found out about these guys on local 406 and had to see them”  or “ I have been going to this band’s shows for awhile, and now they are playing them on the Local 406.”  Don’t get me wrong, these kind of statements give me quite the ego boost because it proves you’re listening, but even more so, it lets me know I’m doing my job.  So if you are a fan, super fan, groupie, or someone’s mom, there are several ways to get ahold of me to let me know what local bands you want to hear on the show.  Email me at local406@963theblaze.com or like my Facebook page: Local 406 Radio Show

 Message to the bands: If you have never contacted me before, it helps that along with the MP3 you email me, I get a little information from you too.  Every so often, I have been the lucky recipient of a demo with the band name on it and nothing else.  No contact info, no track listing, nada. So for your own benefit and my sanity, include at least: Band name, track titles, and contact info. If you have contacted me before, keep me updated as you book shows, record new songs, go on tour, have to bail your drummer out of jail for solicitation (not here to judge, ya gotta make money on the road somehow). Easiest way to contact me again is email and Facebook.

 What to look forward to Sunday Aug 7th:

Red Carpet Devils join me in the studio. Anyone have specific questions for them? (ex: Charlie (drums), have you ever been to Candy Mountain, Charlie?)

Plan on music from Vengeance, Blessiddoom, Jade Alibi, and more.  Plus I have been sifting through my local punk collection lately… anyone “up” for a little reptile dysfunction?

 In the future: more details to come but I will say for now… clear your calendars out for Sat August 20th. And if you have to work on Sunday, just plan on calling in now.

 Thanks again to all of you!