Oh ladies, it's that magical time... the time when the hunk factor in your life goes up by 42 percent. Oh yes... it is the return of Male Amateur Night at The Fox Club.


Photo courtesy of Photos.com

OK maybe more like 22 percent depending on who signs up. You've always got a couple of legitimate hot guys, who are usually bad dancers, but their hotness makes up for it. Then there's the one fat guy and the group of frat boys fondling each other.

Yep, pretty much wraps up what's on stage for the monthly male amateur night a The Fox Club, but the real action is in the crowd! A room full of frisky females out with their girlfriends and ready to party.

Local man meat strut their stuff this Friday, September 13 at The Fox Club. Girls, bring those singles! Guys, you can begin signing up as early as 6 p.m. The Fox's professional female crew will be on stage before and after the guys for a full night of sexiness! Must be at least 21 to enter, $5 at the door, coupons not accepted for this special event.

This blog is sponsored by The Fox Club, located at 2006 Ernest Ave., Missoula, MT. For more information, call 406-721-1492 or visit foxclubmontana.com.